Koral - Knitted Cactus Pillow - Small

Koral - Knitted Cactus Pillow - Small


First of all, let me throw a confetti and dance a little because YOU'RE GETTING INTO our product page. We like to celebrate lil' things that matters :) Now keep reading...

Green is the colour of 2017 and you'll want to splash some greenery on your creative workspace.

This lushious green cactus pillow are knitted using the coolest mixed of alpaca wool with gracious amount of organic Kapok filling that makes it firm to hold (or squeeze!) in your hand or to stand strong on your studio desk next to that glossy iMac screen, white pen tablet and drippin' coffee cup. Oh the freelance life!

Each cactus are 'planted' inside a knitted orange-coloured pot for the based. So moving it from your desk to sofa to match your new cushions is easy af.

Your kids will love to grab'em by its tiny arm.

Size: 30 x 16 cm

This piece is made to order and i'm making it fast, as fast as finishing one box of donuts after gym. No judging.

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